The business of independently writing and publishing books takes time. In 2009 we published the first edition of HEARTLAND On the Side of Angels. This novel is Volume One in The Liberty & Property Legends saga. In April 2011, we released a second edition of the novel ahead of the publication of Volume Two in the series, EMPIRE FOR LIBERTY Dangerous Lullaby (2011). In 2012, we worked with Ava Pashley to publish THE STORYTELLER. In between books we have undertaken research trips within the United States, and attended the 2012 Book Expo America. In 2013 we achieved our goal of publishing Volume Three in The Liberty & Property Legends saga, FIRST COUNTRY Tinged with Rose. Our next release came with Volume Four in the saga, THE HOUR OF EVIDENCE Deceived (2015). Our latest addition is A PLACE AMONG HEROES, Book 1, Rise of Hope (2018), which begins Volume Five. Our novels are available as paperback and ebook from online bookstores worldwide. We warmly welcome your contributions to the conversation between author, reader and publisher.

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

What hard work looks like...

... it's a beautiful thing.

The Liberty & Property Legends
A Saga of The West & Gilded Age

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

A PLACE AMONG HEROES, Book 1 Rise of Hope has arrived

August seems to be a good month for us here at Tank & Ferry Entertainment! The next book in the Grand Saga, The Liberty & Property Legends is here at last. For all the details head to Terri's website 

Life dishes out many roadblocks on the path to achievement. Our goals often get stymied by any number of important sidetracks, which for better or worse make up life. But with persistence we get there in the end. Like the characters, we set out on our quests and shoulder on until we reach our destination and breathe that long-awaited sigh of success. So has been the path to A PLACE AMONG HEROES, Book 1 Rise of Hope.

We take pride in presenting our latest publication and wish our readers many hours of happy reading. After all, we are here to entertain you. We produce and then publish in partnership with Vivid Publishing (Fontaine Press), in paperback and ebook. We know you will love this latest addition to The Liberty & Property Legends saga. 

Our books and ebooks are available at all the usual online sellers, and if you're an Australian reader we definitely recommend buying from Vivid Publishing. Our prices from Vivid across all the volumes in the Grand Saga are great and represent excellent value for such a deep well of writing and reading.

We journey ever onward in the quest for A PLACE AMONG HEROES, Book 2, coming next!

The Liberty & Property Legends
A Saga of The West & Gilded Age


Happy Reading!! 

Friday, August 7, 2015


It has been a long year but finally THE HOUR OF EVIDENCE has arrived. Volume Four of The Liberty & Property Legends is now available as paperback on Amazon, B & N, The Book Depository et al. The eBook will soon be available too. At Tank & Ferry Entertainment we are very proud and pleased to publish this fourth volume in the series. The grand saga of The West & Gilded Age continues with the latest installment to bring readers more adventure, more romance and more enthralling moments in the lives of these enduring characters. The Cheyenne courtroom becomes center stage as the trial begins and then unfolds and gathers momentum. We wish you hours of enjoyable reading with THE HOUR OF EVIDENCE, and look forward to the ongoing journey that will see Volumes Five and Six published in the not so distant future. These two volumes remain until the stunning conclusion!

All eyes are on the Magic City!

The shocking evidence no one saw coming... A lost family secret...Two hearts at destiny's crossroads...
Early in the spring of 1885, the murder trial of tycoon Loren Bodecker and the cruel maverick Donnelly commences in Cheyenne. With so much at stake, all eyes are upon this famed Magic City of the Plains, where the scales of frontier justice are poised to weigh the compelling and often bruising evidence. Drawn ever deeper into the labyrinth shaping their pursuit of justice, challenged in both heart and mind, the gallant Alliance & its friends are about to discover truth long withheld.

"There will come a time when the truth will rise up through the mire of lies and murky wrong-doing to reach the surface and show its sad yet radiant light.  And I believe that hour is coming."  ~ Emmaline Roberts
THE HOUR OF EVIDENCE is the fourth volume in The Liberty & Property Legends saga, beginning where Volume Three FIRST COUNTRY Tinged with Rose left off. As the quest continues, as the twists keep coming both inside and outside the courtroom, the next installment in the saga begs the question: what price a well-kept secret?
The Liberty & Property Legends

Monday, June 8, 2015

Women Writing the West Catalog

Each year Tank and I place book listings and a colourful ad in the Women Writing the West Book Catalog. The 2016 Catalog is no exception.

The inclusion of four front cover illustrations is a big hint that volume four is nearly complete!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Warmest greetings for the Holiday season...

"At Christmas play and make good cheer,
for Christmas comes but once a year."

~ Thomas Tusser
Click on image to listen to Christmas for Cowboys,
 a favorite by John Denver. This link will lead you to
Terri's Pinterest board This Week I'm Humming,
where there's lots more great music to be found.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

BookExpo America 2014

As a member of Independent Book Publishers Association, Tank & Ferry Entertainment had a presence at BookExpo America 2014 in June. Although we couldn't physically be there ourselves, The Liberty & Property Legends, Volumes 1 to 3 secured a place on the display shelves. We'd like to thank Terry Nathan and the team  at IBPA for making it happen.

And we designed and produced postcards to give away as well!