The business of independently writing and publishing books takes time. In 2009 we published the first edition of HEARTLAND On the Side of Angels. This novel is Volume One in The Liberty & Property Legends saga. In April 2011, we released a second edition of the novel ahead of the publication of Volume Two in the series, EMPIRE FOR LIBERTY Dangerous Lullaby (2011). In 2012, we worked with Ava Pashley to publish THE STORYTELLER. In between books we have undertaken research trips within the United States, and attended the 2012 Book Expo America. In 2013 we achieved our goal of publishing Volume Three in The Liberty & Property Legends saga, FIRST COUNTRY Tinged with Rose. Our next release came with Volume Four in the saga, THE HOUR OF EVIDENCE Deceived (2015). Then came A PLACE AMONG HEROES, Book 1: Rise of Hope (2018), which begins Volume Five. Our latest release is A PLACE AMONG HEROES, Book 2: Return of Hope. Our sights are currently set on Book 3 in the triology that forms Volume 5. The grand saga continues! Our novels are available as paperback and ebook from online bookstores worldwide. We warmly welcome your contributions to the conversation between author, reader and publisher.

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Monday, August 9, 2021

The Grand Saga in Focus...

Volume One: HEARTLAND On the Side of Angels

Wyoming Territory, the Fall of 1883. In the heart of America’s ranch lands, two young men fight each in their own way the trouble engulfing their families they call the Alliance. As the struggle becomes tragedy, an even more perilous quest begins - for justice - shaking long-held beliefs in liberty and property to the core. And so the saga begins...

Adventure and romance will not be denied anyone 
who has the courage to be free.

"This book was a wonderful read. It is about Wyoming in the 1880's. The author captures the spirit of the time. The character development is very compelling. I cared about the people in Heartland. The story drew me on throughout the book. Sedmak does an excellent job of telling her tale using POV (point of view). As I read it, the depth of the story reminded me of Lonesome Dove but with a marker all its own."
Richard on Amazon, 5 stars


A Saga of The West & Gilded Age

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